The Motion Doctor app is not intended to replace a Physical Therapist’s
services, rather it aims to teach consumers how to properly maintain their
bodies and prevent injuries.  If they do need the services of a Physical
Therapist, the app includes a “Find a PT” section with a list of private PT
practices by state.  
The “Find a PT” section was provided by PTPN.  

Since "health" is one of the most search topics on the internet,
Conshohocken Physical Therapy felt it was important to provide a quality
vehicle for consumers from the perspective of a Doctor of Physical
Therapy.  In addition to preventing injuries, the Motion Doctor aims to
promote Physical Therapists and convey our value to the consumer.

Physical Therapists are motion experts.  They can help improve or restore
the mobility you need to move forward with your life. From treating
everyday aches and pains to treating more serious problems, Physical
Therapists teach you how to take care of yourself, so you can prevent the
pain from returning.  If you are looking for a possible alternative to pain
medication and/or surgery, then consider Physical Therapy.  Physical
Therapy is not just for post-surgical rehabilitation - it can benefit just
about anyone who has pain or dysfunction.  Most Physical Therapists have
a Direct Access License, allowing them to evaluate and treat patients
without a prescription for up to 30 days.
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