Motion Doctor App
The Motion Doctor app contains over 60 high quality videos that serve as a reference of
exercises categorized by body part, activity, sport and occupation that will help everyday
people of all ages maintain a healthy and pain free body.  The Motion Doctor iPad app
can also be used by Physical Therapists as a reference tool, showing patients how to
properly perform physical therapy exercises at home by taking the iPad anywhere they
may go and watching the videos on demand.

“It  is important to us that we promote Physical Therapy while providing a quality
product to consumers.  The app is not intended to replace a PT’s services, rather it aims
to teach consumers how to properly maintain their bodies and prevent injuries,” said Dr.
Desirea Caucci, PT, DPT. If they do need the services of a Physical Therapist, the app
includes a “Find a PT” section with a list of private PT practices by state.  The “Find a
PT” section was provided by PTPN.

“As consumers become increasingly mobile and adopting smart phones and devices
such as the iPad, the medical community at large must continue to keep up with the
rapid pace of technology. The Motion Doctor iPad app brings pain prevention exercises
to consumers who can now practice these routines anywhere. Once the app is
downloaded, an internet connection is not needed” said Gregg Weiss, CEO of Blue
Whale Web Solutions, Inc. the iPad App Development company responsible for
developing the app.
Motion Doctor iPad App for Physical Therapy
Conshohocken Physical Therapy, Inc.
Conshohocken Physical Therapy (CPT) is a privately owned and operated practice that
delivers high quality, evidence-based care to improve their patients’ quality of life.  With
an established reputation both locally and nationally, the practice has been voted the
“Best Physical Therapy Practice in Montgomery County, PA,” for three consecutive years
(2008, 2009 and 2010). The Owner, Dr. Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT, has also been
named one of the top 3 Physical Therapists in the nation by Advance Magazine (2008)
and has been honored as the national winner of the Dorland Health People Award for
Physical Therapy (2010).  CPT’s mission is to make a positive impact, both personally
and therapeutically, on every person who enters the office.  They improve the quality of
their patient’s lives with a friendly, evidence-based and innovative approach.  Because of
this unmatched level of care, CPT is the provider of choice for many trusted Physicians
in the Philadelphia region.  
Learn more about how Physical Therapy can help improve
the quality of your life.
Blue Whale Web Solutions, Inc.
Blue Whale Web Solutions, Inc. is a five year old interactive firm with offices in West
Palm Beach and New York City. We provide businesses with an array of Web and mobile
services including iPhone
App Development, iPad App Development , Website
Design and Development. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who
have worked with the world's leading technology, advertising and design companies. We
establish Web and mobile strategies that match our clients’ goals, objectives and budget.
The Physical Therapist directory included in this app is provided by the PTPN, America’s
largest network of rehabilitation professionals in private practice. PTPN offers
“Physiquality” to you and your family - a range of health, wellness and rehabilitation
services, all provided by the PTPN network of clinically trained, carefully screened
physical therapists. You can rely on the Physiquality name as a “seal of approval” for
health and wellness services that are safer, more effective and more fun than you’ll find
elsewhere. For more information, visit
Motion Doctor App
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